Shutting Down

It was a fun ride keeping this site up for 7 years. I'd like to specifically thank: Beavers Donuts, Chicago Lunchbox, A Sweets Girl, Cupcakes for Courage, Adelita, The Roost, The Slide Ride, and The Corner Farmacy for supporting me over the years. Go visit them and eat their food.

When I built this website back in 2011, food trucks were a relatively new phenomenon in Chicago. Trucks were able to park (without too much harassment) in many places throughout the Loop, River North, and West Loop. Over time, the number of places that trucks could go legally dwindled. Now trucks have semi-permanent spots at Wacker/Adams, Clark/Monroe, Michigan/Monroe and University of Chicago. Even there, they get chased away.

In the early days, I got to know a lot of the truck owners and made a lot of great friends. It was great being part of the scene and witnessing small businesses thrive against the odds, and making great food along the way. While food trucks still have great food, the vibe is different in ways I can't quantify. Most of the newer trucks don't really make their location available in any format that I can grok and display on this website.

At the same time, the operational costs of this website have doubled due to the way google prices for maps and geolocation lookups. For that reason, I have decided to shutdown this website. Shutting this down will also affect the twitter feeds, Alexa app, and Chrome extension that rely on this website for data.

Thanks for being fans! - Andrew Violette