The Chicago Food Truck Finder is used to find food trucks in real-time on the streets of Chicago. It started out as a project for me in 2011, during the food truck boom in Chicago. I love food trucks and want them to be found 😀.

How do food trucks add their stops to this site?

GPS Devices

A few trucks use Linxup GPS devices that are plugable into the truck's OBDII port. These allow accurate, real-time reporting of location.


Trucks post their schedules in calendars in various formats: Google, iCal, and various proprietary formats that I've reverse engineered. I scan these calendars periodically and sync the schedules to this site.

Social Media Sync

Trucks post where they're going to be on social media. This site scans social media and tries to determine where and when a truck is going to be at a location

Vendor Portal

Some trucks manually add their stops by using my vendor portal.

What Information Do You Collect From Users?

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