Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to me, so this policy shows how this site collects and uses data.

What Data is Collected

  • Using Google Analytics, this site collects broad usage data for how the population as a whole uses this site.
  • This site does not collect or maintain any personally identifying information.
  • This site may request your location data.
  • This site logs data to the Google cloud. These logs contain URIs and other relevant information about requests (browser, operating system, etc).

How That Data is Used

  • Analytics data is used to determine how the population as a whole is using this web site.
  • Location/GPS data is used to determine your device's current proximity to food trucks. This is then used to sort trucks by distance (on the website and chrome extension) and to display food trucks "near me" in the alexa app. This data is never permanently stored.
  • Logs are used for debugging purposes and do not contain personally identifiable information.