The Chicago Food Truck Finder's mission is to help people find food trucks. It publishes your truck's schedule on this website and linked applications. It publishes alerts via linked applications and social media accounts targeted at users who are interested in food trucks at a specific location. It provides tools for the truck owner to help you control the display of your data on this website via the vendor portal.

How to Publish Your Location on the Food Truck Finder

The ideal way to put your truck on my website is a combination of a tracking device + advanced schedules specified in the vendor portal or a published calendar.

Tracking Device

I sell a tracking device that can be plugged into your truck's OBD port or wired into your ignition. Once you plug this device in, and do some minor instrumentation on my website, your truck will automatically show on my website and send out alerts to your customers via social media.

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Vendor Portal

You can directly add your schedule to my website via the vendor portal.

Published Calendar

You can put your schedule in a google calendar or iCal calendar. I can read it in and automatically update your schedule on my website.

Social Media Scanning

This has long been the most popular way of putting your stops on my website. My site will read in tweets, find out the location and time information and put them on my website. I have always considered this a stop-gap solution, and not an accurate way to put your truck on my website.